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Love Triangle Murder: How Feds Caught Kaitlin Armstrong through an Ad for Yoga Teachers

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Kaitlin Armstrong, a Texan convicted of killing professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson in a jealous rage, managed to escape to Central America after the murder. US Marshals, determined to capture her, cleverly placed a fake ad for a yoga instructor on a local Facebook page in Costa Rica, where they believed she was hiding. Despite using plastic surgery to change her appearance, Armstrong took the bait after almost a week of hesitation.

Photo from Google

Yoga Ad Bust: Love-Triangle Fugitive Caught in Costa Rica After Plastic Surgery Escape!

When a person claiming to be a yoga instructor responded to the ad, the Marshals saw an opportunity. They rushed to meet her at a hostel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Armstrong, still with signs of recent plastic surgery, was spotted by Deputy US Marshal Emir Perez. Despite altered features, her eyes gave her away. Local police made the arrest, and Armstrong was brought back to Texas to face charges.

Armstrong had initially fled to Central America after tracking Wilson, an emerging star in pro cycling, through a fitness app. She shot Wilson three times in her Austin apartment, twice in the head and once through the heart, out of jealousy over a past relationship with Armstrong’s ex-boyfriend. The subsequent 43-day international manhunt ended with Armstrong’s capture.

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Texas Love-Triangle Killer Caught via Yoga Ad: Jury Takes Just 2 Hours for 90-Year Sentence!

During her trial, a Texas jury took only two hours to convict Armstrong, and she was sentenced to 90 years in prison. Despite being incarcerated, Armstrong attempted to escape again, but deputies quickly apprehended her.

The arrest via a phony yoga instructor advertisement was a game-changer in Anna Moriah Wilson’s quest for justice. The former alpine skier from Vermont showed promise as a gravel and mountain bike racer. Due to a love triangle, she tragically died, and this prompted law authorities to act quickly and decisively, which finally resulted in Armstrong’s conviction and incarceration.

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