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Robocaller Spoofs Joe Biden’s Voice to Discourage Voting in New Hampshire Primary

Photo from: Yahoo News

A worrying trend ahead of the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is robocalls using a voice that sounds like U.S. President Joe Biden telling citizens not to vote. The state’s Attorney General’s Office condemned these calls as an “unlawful attempt to disrupt” democracy. While the nation battles misinformation, OpenAI hired an “elections program manager” to oversee election security across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Photo from: Yahoo News

Faked Biden Voice Raises Concerns of Disinformation

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has raised the alarm over robocalls utilizing a synthesized voice imitating Joe Biden, urging voters not to participate in the state’s crucial primary. Describing the calls as an unlawful effort to disrupt the election and suppress voters, officials are investigating the origin of these misleading messages.

The fabricated Biden voice in the robocalls dismisses the importance of the primary, stating, “What a bunch of malarkey. Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday.” Officials have emphasized that the voice is likely artificially generated, underscoring the need for vigilance against disinformation campaigns targeting electoral processes.

While some states, including California, Texas, Michigan, Washington, and Minnesota, have enacted laws prohibiting deepfakes in political campaigns, challenges persist regarding individuals using AI to spread disinformation. The blurred legal lines prompt concerns about the potential misuse of advanced technologies in influencing public opinion and manipulating political narratives.

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OpenAI’s Efforts in Election Security: Hiring an Elections Program Manager

In response to the growing threat of AI-driven political disinformation, tech providers, particularly those in the AI sector, are taking proactive measures. OpenAI, for instance, has enforced strict policies against using its models to create chatbots that impersonate individuals or interfere with democratic processes. The company recently removed an account knowingly violating these policies.

Amid the evolving landscape of digital threats to elections, OpenAI is actively enhancing election security. The organization is recruiting an elections program manager to lead initiatives in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This role involves identifying risks, designing mitigation strategies, and coordinating efforts to safeguard the integrity of democratic processes, with a starting salary of $190,000.

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