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Clear Connection: Smoking Confirmed as Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

Photo from Medanta

The leading cause of death worldwide is lung cancer. It’s Nepal’s most prevalent male cancer and third female malignancy. Smoking is banned in Nepal. Bir Hospital’s cancer department head discussed lung cancer prevention with Dr. Bibek Acharya.

Photo from Medanta

Dr. Bibek Acharya: Smoking is the Leading Cause of Lung Cancer

Smoking dramatically increases risk. Second, radiant gas and vehicle emissions increase risk. Smokers are more likely to have a non-small cell, adenocarcinoma, or small cell lung cancer. In addition to smoking, pollutants, and age cause lung cancer.

Both men and women have equal lung cancer risk, despite popular opinion. Despite evidence suggesting higher cases among men, the incidence is not gender-biased. Early lung cancer detection is difficult due to the lack of symptoms.

Low-dose CT scans can detect long-term smokers. Patients may experience chronic cough, blood in sputum, breathing difficulties, chest wheezing, voice changes, and a dry cough.

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Nepal’s Urgent Lung Cancer Crisis: Dr. Bibek Acharya Calls for Action Amidst High Smoking Rates

Nepal has a severe lung cancer problem, ranking first among males and third among women. High smoking rates across all age groups exacerbate the problem. Lung cancer patients generally die within 1-2 years of treatment due to delayed medical attention. Later-stage surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are less effective.

Financial challenges accompany lung cancer therapy, stressing prevention. Smoking avoidance, distance from smokers, and breathing exercises are essential preventive measures. While the government has tobacco control programs, individual awareness and efforts are also important. Nicotine chewing gum and pharmaceuticals may help quit smoking. The severity of the problem prompts Dr. Bibek Acharya to encourage government consideration of lung cancer programs.

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