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Professor Kamila Hawthorne stresses the lifesaving value of the measles vaccine in light of growing health concerns

Photo from UCSF

The COVID shots used to work really well, but now kids aren’t getting them as much.

Measles can be fatal; trust the science and get your child jabbed, says GP chairman Professor Kamila Hawthorne. (PHOTO: Daily Mail Online)

London and the Midlands are worried about the spread of measles.

According to the Daily Mail, there were 104 cases of measles last year because less than half of the kids in some London areas had the MMR shot. The Research and Surveillance Center and the UK Health Security Agency say that there are more cases of measles in the Midlands. Because so many babies and kids have not been vaccinated, a terrible outbreak is possible.

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Medical professionals urge people to get vaccinated

Doctors tell parents, guardians, and caregivers to get their kids fully vaccinated at their local GPs. Even though measles is usually weak, it can spread quickly and require treatment. Young people who missed the MMR shot should get it now. By talking about past successes in getting rid of diseases like polio, the story shows how important vaccinations are for stopping breakouts. The study stresses how important it is for everyone to get vaccinated to keep kids and everyone else safe. People are urged to trust MMR vaccines because they protect fragile people and stop illnesses that could have been avoided.

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