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China Warns US Amid Taiwan Diplomacy: Urges Recognition of ‘Extreme Sensitivity’

Photo from: A News

China warned the United States sternly about its engagement with Taiwan, emphasizing the “extreme complexity and sensitivity” surrounding the Taiwan issue. The caution follows an “unofficial” US delegation’s visit to Taipei, including former senior officials, prompting strong reactions from Beijing.

Photo from: A News

Internal Affairs and Opposition to Official Exchanges

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning reiterated that Taiwan’s regional election is an internal matter for China. Expressing “firm opposition” to any official exchanges between the US and Taiwan, Mao urged Washington to adhere to the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiques.

Beijing stressed the importance of the US not supporting “Taiwan independence” and avoiding any actions perceived as endorsing the concept of “two Chinas.”

Former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg’s visit to Taiwan sparks tensions. Despite being a private delegation, Beijing urges the US to exercise “extreme prudence” and not send any wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces. The spokesperson emphasizes the need for the US to honor promises made by its leaders regarding Taiwan-related issues.

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Taiwan Loses Ally, China Grateful for Support

The American Institute in Taiwan reveals that the delegation conveyed congratulations to Taiwan from the American people on its successful elections. The US reaffirms its commitment to Taiwan’s prosperity and growth while expressing interest in cross-strait peace and stability. The delegation met with President Tsai Ing-wen and President-elect William Lai Ching-te, who secured an unprecedented third term for the Democratic Progressive Party.

As the US delegation engages with Taiwan, the island nation loses another diplomatic partner, reducing its allies to 12. China thanks countries, including Russia, and international organizations for reiterating their commitment to the one-China principle. Beijing protests against Singapore for “welcoming” and “congratulating” the Taiwanese election winner.

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