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No Labels Gains Political Party Status in Kansas, Eyes 2024 Ballot Nationwide

Photo from: KAKE

In a significant development, No Labels, a third-party organization, has achieved political party recognition in Kansas, marking a pivotal step toward securing a spot on the 2024 ballot across all 50 states. The state’s Secretary of State, Scott Schwab, confirmed that “No Labels Kansas” fulfilled the requirements to be acknowledged as a political party, emphasizing the accomplishment of submitting a petition with registered voter signatures equivalent to 2% of the total votes cast in the 2022 gubernatorial general election.

Photo from: KAKE

Securing Political Party Status in Kansas

Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab announced the recognition of No Labels as a political party in the state, citing the successful submission of a petition that met the criteria set, including a substantial number of registered voter signatures. This achievement aligns with No Labels’ broader mission of gaining access to ballots in all 50 states for the upcoming 2024 elections.

With its newfound status, No Labels becomes the second minor political party on the Kansas ballot, standing alongside the Libertarian Party. Voter registration forms have promptly been updated to include No Labels Kansas as an option for affiliations, signifying a growing space for diverse political representation.

While No Labels is ineligible to participate in the August primary election, the organization is now tasked with nominating candidates through conventions or caucuses. Notably, the party can elevate its status to a significant party, allowing it to select candidates directly in the August primary if its gubernatorial candidate secures over five percent of the statewide vote.

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No Labels on Ballots Across 14 States

This recent accomplishment in Kansas adds to No Labels’ growing list of states where it has achieved ballot access. Having secured spots in at least 14 states, including recent additions like Maine, the organization is positioned as a potential player in the 2024 election. As it eyes alternatives to major-party candidates, No Labels aims to offer voters choices beyond the political landscape of previous polls.

While No Labels advances its mission, it faces scrutiny from certain political groups, including Third Way and other Democratic allies. Accusations have surfaced, suggesting that No Labels might inadvertently aid a GOP victory in the 2024 election. The group’s commitment to providing alternatives to established party candidates has stirred debates about its potential impact on the electoral landscape.

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