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GOP Slams Biden’s Delayed Iran Response After Houthi Redesignation – Calls for Real Action!

Iran-backed Houthis have vowed to response to last nights attacks in the Red Sea (Photo: Google)

Republicans have slammed the Biden administration’s plan to re-list Yemen’s Houthi rebels as terrorists, saying it is insufficient.

Iran-backed Houthis have vowed to response to last nights attacks in the Red Sea (Photo: NPR)

Biden’s Houthi Policy Shift

This contradicts previous President Donald Trump’s designation of the Houthis as FTOs and SDGTs. In 2021, Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken de-listed the Houthis to allow humanitarian relief into Yemen. After recent Houthi strikes on U.S. ships in the Red Sea, Biden relisted the organization as SDGT under pressure.

Reimposing the SDGT name on the Houthis without implementing FTO measures like travel restrictions has sparked criticism. Members of Congress, notably House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner, criticized Biden’s strategy, saying the ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’ designation just levies penalties without real action.

Turner stressed that Biden should never have revoked the Houthis’ FTO designation and called for a tougher reaction.

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Biden’s Iran Strategy Criticized

Lawmakers and opponents say Biden removed the Houthis from the terrorist list to defuse relations with Iran. California Rep. Darrell Issa believes reversing this decision discredits Biden, calling it one of his early and misguided appeasements to Iran. Oklahoma Sen. Markwayne Mullin calls Biden’s earlier decision a poor attempt to appease Iran-backed troops.

The recent Houthi attacks on a U.S.-owned cargo tanker and Navy warship in the Red Sea have raised tensions. The U.S. responded with four attacks against Houthi anti-ship ballistic missiles in Yemen.

Two U.S. Navy SEALs on routine interdiction missions to intercept weapons on ships destined for Houthi-controlled Yemen are missing. The issue highlights regional complexity and raises worries about national security and global stability.

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