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10 Difficult Neighborhoods in Los Angeles 2023

10 Difficult Neighborhoods in Los Angeles 2023

Check out Los Angeles for more than just the fancy stuff according to Southwest Journal. There are big problems in some areas, like a lot of crime and people without homes. Forget the Hollywood glitz. We’re going to check out ten rough neighborhoods where life is tough, not like the scenes with all the stars. These are real-life stories about people who are just trying to get by. Prepare to see LA’s real problems. Also, don’t forget that weed is allowed here, which adds a new twist to the city’s story.

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The Worst 10 Neighborhoods in Los Angeles.


Let’s look at the tough spots in Los Angeles. Hollywood is known for movies and stars, but there is more crime than people thought. With 146,514 people, it has a lot more serious crime than the rest of the country. One in eighteen people who walk are victims, so be careful, especially at night.


Even though crime has gone down, Compton, which has 93,597 people, is still hard to live in. Twenty-sixths of people go through crime. Since theft and assault are common, the society needs to keep getting better.

Fashion District

The Fashion District has 168% more crime than the national rate, even though it only has 2,466 people living there. Even though it’s not very bad, the crime rate is 105% higher than normal, so be careful when you leave your studio or walk around at night.


Watts, which has 39,593 people, has a history of crime. The rate of crime is 1 in 25, which is higher than in many other places. Even with all the progress, it’s still not safe to use public transportation at night or at rush hour.


With 72,523 people living there, Koreatown has 50% more crime than the rest of the country. There is a lot of theft and violence, especially in some places. Don’t walk alone in Hancock Park or Wilshire Center at night.

South Los Angeles

With 249,670 people living there, South Los Angeles has 115% more crime than the rest of the country. Even though efforts have been made to lower crime, it’s still a dangerous area. People in the area should be careful when they walk at night.

North Hollywood

With 64,587 people, North Hollywood has 10% more crime than the rest of the country. It’s more likely to get violent. Even though it might be fun, walking alone at night isn’t a good idea, especially in areas with fewer people.

Skid Row

Since 2010, there has been 59% more crime in Skid Row, which is known for having a lot of homeless people. There is 33% more crime than the average in Los Angeles, which has 10,850 people. Even though there are problems, social workers help in this area.

West Adams

With 11,961 people, West Adams has 163% more crime than the rest of the country. This is made worse by gang and drug activity, so be careful at night. Safety problems still exist, despite its past.

Downtown LA

Third, Downtown LA has 530% more crime than the rest of the city, which has over 27,000 people. There is a lot of fighting and property crime at night. On the other hand, wealth and risk live together. Watch out when you walk.

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