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$1.5M Trust Fund: ‘Suitcase Killer’ Heather Mack Received 26 Years for Ruthless Slaying of Mother

‘Suitcase Killer’ Heather Mack sentenced to 26 years for cold-blooded murder of mom over $1.5M trust fund (Photo: Google)

Heather Mack, the “Suitcase Killer,” was sentenced to 26 years in jail by Chicago US District Judge Matthew Kennelly.

‘Suitcase Killer’ Heather Mack sentenced to 26 years for cold-blooded murder of mom over $1.5M trust fund (Photo: Google)

A Decade of Darkness

This decision came over a decade after Mack and her then-boyfriend Tommy Schaefer cruelly murdered her mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack, during a luxurious Bali holiday. Mack’s obsessive desire for her mother’s $1.5 million trust fund drove the murder.

Since her 2015 murder conviction, Mack has spent seven years in an Indonesian jail. She wore an orange jumpsuit, slip-on shoes, and spectacles to court. She was condemned for plotting to assassinate her mother, highlighting its premeditation.

Mack was expressionless until her turn to speak, despite her family’s appeals for the harshest penalty and claims of her lack of remorse.

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Tears and Accountability

Mack wept and admitted to the horrible conduct throughout her statement. Mac’s aunt and victim’s sister, Debbi Curran, had before noted her seeming remorselessness. In addition to incarceration, the judge sentenced Mack to pay $262,708 in restitution and a $50,000 fine.

With credit for her time in Indonesia and Chicago, Mack’s attorney predicts she will serve 20 years in jail. Federal prosecutors suggested a 28-year sentence, but Mack’s defense sought a 15-year sentence for her seven years served. Even if the mother-daughter relationship was problematic, the judge said Sheila von Wiese-Mack did not deserve to die so brutally and premeditatedly.

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