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Promega Finds New Way to Fight Children’s Cancer with Special Medicine

Promega’s Find Could Help Fight Blood Cancers

Promega Research Shows Potential of Selective Degrader Against Pediatric Cancer Cell Lines | Local News

A scientist at Promega shares new information about cancer.

Researchers at Promega have made a big step forward in their fight against blood cancers like multiple myeloma. The BioSpace medical study says that SJ3149 may be able to fight many types of cancer. This discovery is a big step toward finding new ways to treat blood cancer. Elizabeth Caine, a researcher at Promega, talks about big steps forward in lowering CK1α, a protein that is linked to a number of cancers. Scientists are looking into a new way to treat cancer that uses the body’s own tools. The goal is to break down CK1α, a protein that is linked to too many cells growing at once. These great cancer findings were made by experts at Promega and St. Jude. Working together has helped us learn more and do a better job of it.

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Science is led by Promega.

The warrior in science is Promega Corporation. They make more than 4,000 cool things to help experts study DNA, proteins, and cells. They also make medicines and do other scientific work. No matter where you look, you can find Promega. Their stores are in 16 countries, and they have dealers in more than 50 more. Promega can help with science anywhere.

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