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Giggs Advocates for Art Not Evidence Campaign to Eliminate the Use of Rap Lyrics in Court

Photo from: NME

UK musician Giggs strongly supports the Art Not Evidence campaign, which seeks to ban rap lyrics and music videos from criminal prosecutions. Giggs fiercely begs supporters to support the cause, recalling his 2012 firearm charge case where his songs were used against him. The rapper claims the prosecution had “no evidence” and built the case around his work. Giggs was imprisoned for seven months before being acquitted, highlighting the need for legal change for artistic works.

Photo from: NME

Art Not Evidence Campaign

Giggs, a South London rapper, discusses his legal battle which included his songs being used in court during a handgun charge in 2012. The prosecution accused him of gun crime based on his songs without evidence. Giggs advocates for systemic reform as this incident highlights the subject of artists facing legal ramifications for their work.

In 2022, the Art Not Evidence campaign began to oppose the biased use of rap lyrics and music videos in UK courts. Giggs supports the campaign’s proposal for legal reform of artistic expression. The rapper stresses that judicial evidence should be based on facts rather than subjective art interpretations, especially when the stakes are life-altering.

Giggs recounts his seven months in HMP Belmarsh for a crime he denies, expressing his great dedication to the cause. His lyrics were highlighted during the trial, emphasizing the need to solve the systemic issue. Giggs’ emotional plea discusses artistic freedom and the criminal justice system, highlighting the necessity for reform to prevent such injustices.

Moving Forward

Art Not Evidence has received support from lawyers, educators, journalists, and artists such as Annie Mac and Digga D. The initiative aims to end the use of art as evidence and allows artists to speak out against institutional prejudice. Giggs contributes to the campaign by encouraging additional artists from diverse genres to speak out against the unjust use of creative work in judicial processes.

As Giggs promotes the Art Not Evidence initiative, artists and labels must unite against legal discrimination in artistic expression. Change is needed now that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) recognizes the possible misuse of drill music videos as evidence. The campaign asks artists and supporters to sign the open letter, showing widespread support for the project and calling for a legislative reform of art.

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