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Five Dollar Stanley Cup Lookalike Wins Big in Tough Challenge, Proving Cheap Can Be Awesome!

TikToker Tests Cups in the Sun to See Which Keeps Drinks Colder: Real Stanley Cup or $5 Copycat!

Stanley Dupe!! | Gallery posted by Brooke | Lemon8

Budget vs. Quality: $5 Cup vs. $20-$60 Stanley Cup

According to The US Sun report, a popular TikTok user, @itskristiii, compared a $5 Stanley Cup copy from Five Below with the real $20-$60 one from Stanley. They filled both cups with ice and water to see how well they held up.

Cheap Feel vs. Strong Build

The cheap one felt light and plasticky, while the real Stanley Cup was sturdier. The test showed differences in their ability to keep ice.

Ice Test: Both OK, but One Sweating

After 30 minutes, both cups had the same amount of ice, but the cheap one had water on the outside (condensation), hinting at possible issues. The real Stanley Cup stayed dry.

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Sun Test: Cheap Cup Loses Ice Faster

When the sun came out, the cheap cup lost its ice faster than the strong Stanley Cup. This highlighted the importance of good construction and insulation.

Defenders say cheap is enough for every day.

People defending the cheap cup said it’s good enough for everyday use, even if it doesn’t keep ice as long. This sparked discussions about whether we really need fancy features in everyday items.

More Choices: Shein’s $13 Option

In the bigger picture of cheap cup options, Shein’s $13 alternative stands out. It’s way cheaper than the $45 Stanley Cup. This reflects a growing trend of people wanting affordable options, making us think about what features we really need in our everyday stuff.

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