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Ex-Speaker John Bercow Display Political Craftiness on US Version of ‘The Traitors’ While Facing Controversies

Photo from: WhatsNew2Day

Former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, leverages his political acumen, boasting about his expertise in ‘backstabbing’ and ‘deception’ on the US adaptation of the reality show ‘The Traitors.’ Despite not being designated as a ‘Traitor’ on the show, Bercow, a retired politician with a tumultuous parliamentary history, raises suspicion among fellow contestants, particularly due to health-related incidents, while also facing scrutiny for his bullying allegations.

Photo from: WhatsNew2Day

Political Gamesmanship on Display

In a recent appearance on the US version of ‘The Traitors,‘ John Bercow, the former UK Speaker, highlights his political background, stating that skills like ‘backstabbing’ and ‘deception’ are ingrained in the life of a politician. Bercow, known for his controversial tenure, labels himself as a ‘retired politician,’ setting the stage for intrigue and strategic gameplay.

While not selected as one of the ‘Traitors,’ Bercow generates suspicion among fellow contestants after experiencing ‘breathing difficulties’ attributed to asthma. The former Speaker’s health-related incidents become a point of contention, with contestants expressing skepticism, adding an unexpected layer of intrigue to the reality show.

Bercow, embroiled in a bullying row post-resignation in 2019, enters ‘The Traitors’ with a cloud of controversy. Branded a ‘serial bully’ by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, his participation raises questions about the show’s dynamics and the impact of his political baggage on the unfolding drama.

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Familiar Faces on the US ‘Traitors’

Bercow isn’t the sole recognizable figure on the US version, as Love Island winner Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu also joins the cast. Filmed at the same Scottish castle as its UK counterpart, the show brings together diverse personalities, creating a unique blend of political and entertainment intrigue.

As the show progresses, Bercow’s political instincts are put to the test in a different context. ‘The Traitors’ format, where contestants uncover hidden traitors among them, challenges Bercow’s ability to navigate alliances and detect deception, providing viewers with an unconventional glimpse into the mind of a seasoned politician.

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