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10 Most Dangerous Cities in New Jersey 2023 Expose the Dark Side

The ten most dangerous cities in New Jersey in 2023

According to the Southwest Journal, in a place known for its lively boardwalks and reality TV thrills, there is a less pleasant truth. Putting aside Snookie’s pranks, some places in New Jersey are more dangerous than a slow driver or a bad bagel. We looked at crime rates in towns with more than 5,000 people to figure out the risks. In 330 towns, we found theft, violence, and killings.

Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in New Jersey. (PHOTO: OnlyInYourState)

1. Park in Asbury

Asbury Park is the most dangerous place in New Jersey. It is on the Jersey Shore, close to New York. With a crime rate three times the state average, violent events play a big role. There was an 81/100 chance that a resident would be assaulted, killed, or sexually assaulted in 2020, which shows how important it is to be careful even on the beach.

2. The Millville

Many people think Millville is not as dangerous as Camden, but its general crime rate is higher because it has the fifth-highest rate of property crime. One in 29 people who lived in Millville had something stolen or destroyed in 2020, so people who go to the parks should keep their things and homes safe.

3. Bridgeton

Bridgeton is the third-most dangerous place in New Jersey. It is an hour south of Philadelphia. There are bears and tigers at the local zoo, but violent crimes are the seventh most common in the state. Also, Bridgeton had the most burglaries in 2020, so people should check their locks again.

4. New York City

Atlantic City is the fourth-most dangerous city in New Jersey. It is known for its casinos, beaches, and piers. Beyond poker earnings, there is a 1 in 37 chance that a resident will be a victim of property crime in 2020. The city has the third-highest murder rate in the state, which shows that people are worried about safety behind all the flash.

5. The Pines

Even though it has a cute name, Woodbury, which is 20 minutes from Philadelphia, is the sixth-most dangerous place in the state. Property crime, not fighting, is the main problem. The county, with 9,744 people, has the seventh-highest number of burglaries in New Jersey, so people should be careful. Things may not be what they seem to be.

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6. Lidenwold

Sixth on New Jersey’s list of the most dangerous towns for 2022 is Lindenwold, which is about 30 minutes southeast of Camden. There is a 1 in 157 chance of being assaulted every year in this city, which has the seventh-highest rape rate in the state. Lindenwold has the third-highest number of burglaries in New Jersey, which makes it an even less desirable place to live. A 16-year-old girl was sadly killed in the city in late 2021, which brought to light its violent past.

7. City of Neptune

“The Crossroads of the Jersey Shore,” Neptune Township, has a bad side to crime. Even though the city has the lowest rate of physical crime on our list, one in thirty people is a victim of property crime, so it can do better. After a terrible shooting in late 2021, Neptune Township stresses how important it is for everyone to be safe in this seaside place.

8. New Haven

Camden had New Jersey’s highest violent crime rate and second-highest murder rate in 2020, which confirmed the city’s image for violent crime across the country. The number of killings has gone down over time, from 67 in 2012 to 23 in 2020. Camden is becoming a model for how to change the way cops work. However, a 19-year-old man admitted to killing his grandma, who was 74 years old.

9. Lizzie

The city of Elizabeth, which has the ninth-most people in New Jersey, will have the ninth-highest crime rate in 2022. Even though physical crime is still a big problem, most of the 774 crimes that happened in 2020 were thefts or attacks. Newark, which is to the north, has seen a drop in crime, but in Elizabeth, it has been steadily going up. As problems still exist, the city needs to find a balance between growth and public safety.

10. An Absecon

Absecon is a beach town in southern New Jersey that was named after a Native American group. Despite its vacation-like feel, the town has a high crime rate. Property crime is a big worry, not bloodshed. Absecon has the fifth-most burglaries and the third-most thefts in the state. Even though the area is beautiful, of the 8,856 people who live there, only 1 in 30 are likely to be victims of property crime. This shows how important it is to protect and educate the community.

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