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Minnesota’s 2023 Crime Places: State’s 10 Most Dangerous Cities

Hidden Dangers in Minnesota’s Lakeside Paradise

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According to the Southwest Journal, this area is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes and is beloved for its amazing beauty. There is a risk, though, that you might not know about because not every neighborhood is safe. The study came to a surprising conclusion after looking at the crime rates in 120 different places. And even though Minnesota is a wealthy state, there are some parts of the state where crime is very high. People who live there are not only in danger, but they also have problems, like not being able to find work, making low pay, and not having any government-run programs to help them. This seems a little odd for a state with so much cash. The researcher doesn’t have all the facts yet, like whether or not more police officers or other things could make a difference. It is certain, though, that if you are thinking about moving to Minnesota, you should know which places are thought to be dangerous.

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Top 10 Dangerous Places


People think that Bemidji, Minnesota, where Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox lived, is the most dangerous place in the whole state. As of 2020, property crime made up one in thirteen crimes in the state, making it the third most common type of crime there. Because there is more than one major attack every week in this city of 15,567 people, you should be careful.

The town of Minneapolis

With about one murder a week, Minneapolis, the Twin Cities twin that has the most problems, is the third-most dangerous city in the state. Also, one out of every 86 people who live in the area has been a victim of a violent crime. This is the seventh-highest rate in the state of Minnesota. It is important for people in this city of 435,116 to be careful, even in areas that are very busy. They should stay in better neighborhoods instead.

West St. Paul

One out of every twelve people who live in West St. Paul, which is south of St. Paul, will be a victim of property crime. Based on this score, West St. Paul is the second-most dangerous place to live. Even though it doesn’t happen very often, St. Clair Park has the fifth-highest murder rate, so be careful there.

Blessed Paul

The city of St. Paul, which is on the other side of the Twin Cities, is going through something called “big city syndrome,” which means that more and more people are moving there and crime rates are also going up. Because two murders happen every month and there is a 1 in 133 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime, people should be careful. It’s true that property crime is lower in St. Paul than in Minneapolis in 2020, but there are more fires and stolen cars in St. Paul.

The Park Watched

The biggest crime rate in Minnesota is in Waite Park, which is only ranked fifth. It is 300 percent higher than the average crime rate in the country. This city has the most property theft and is home to 7,812 people. Every month, two cars are stolen from that spot. It is thought to be one of the worst places to live in Minnesota because there isn’t much theft there.

Brainerd, A.

Even though Brainerd has a lot of beautiful lakes, it is also home to a lot of major crime. In 2020, 1.5 rapes happen there every month, making it the most rape-prone city in Minnesota. 13,417 people live in the neighborhood, and this year there is a 1 in 191 chance that one of them will be a victim of a serious crime.

This is Virginia

Virginia is the 12th most broken-in city in Minnesota, with a rate of 12.5%. It is known as the “Queen City of the North.” It is ranked as the 26th most likely place in Minnesota to be raped and the fourth most dangerous place in Minnesota. People who live in Olcott Park (8,337 of them) should be careful when it gets dark.

New York City

A lot of golf fields can be found in Brooklyn Center, which is north of Minneapolis. There are, however, 200 cars stolen and 44 people robbed for every 30,744 people who live there. There are 30,744 people in this area who need your help.

For Fridley

It was stated that 27,892 items were stolen in Fridley, another neighborhood in Minneapolis, over the course of the year. Going for walks along the river late at night is dangerous because a lot of cars are broken into and homes are broken into.

As for Roseville

Roseville is a place northeast of Minneapolis that has a lot of property crime, even though there is some violence sometimes. Out of the 36,675 people who lived in the town, 283 were burglarized, 59 were robbed, and a lot of cars were stolen. As well, there was a violent crime in a jewelry shop. This makes the already high rate of property crime in the city even worse.

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