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Hawks and J.P. Morgan Unite: Slamming Disparities on MLK Day!

Atlanta Hawks, J.P. Morgan join forces on MLK Day to address homeowner disparities (Photo: Google)

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Atlanta Hawks and J.P. Morgan Chase hosted “A Transparent Conversation About Homeownership in Atlanta.” to highlight homeowner discrepancies.

Atlanta Hawks, J.P. Morgan join forces on MLK Day to address homeowner disparities (Photo: Google)

Norman Bethea’s Perspective on Minority Homeownership Challenges

Norman Bethea, who recounted his story growing up in a household where homeownership was rare, was among the varied audience at King’s equal housing event.

The speakers discussed housing market changes and minority homeownership challenges. J.P. Morgan Chase’s Corey Mason stressed stability, skill, and desire as key lending characteristics. Mason stressed the necessity of understanding one’s credit, employment, and financial condition while buying a home.

Mason acknowledged rising prices but stressed generational wealth and long-term investment while answering questions on whether to buy a home. He stressed the importance of homeownership in developing family financial legacies by emphasizing equity.

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Empowering Through Education

Mason also discussed initiatives and grants for down payments and rates to make homeownership more affordable. He underlined the necessity of financial awareness in qualifying for a mortgage and maintaining affordability throughout homeownership.

First-generation homeowner Norman Bethea presented his homeownership journey and lessons learned. Bethea stressed the transformational power of education and knowing the fundamental steps to home ownership to inspire others to take the first step. to MLK Day, the Atlanta Hawks and J.P. Morgan Chase collaborated to promote meaningful conversations and shed light to homeowner inequities in Atlanta.

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