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Former NATO Commander Optimistic: Ukraine’s Victory in War Possible with U.S. Support

Photo from Youtube

Retired General Phil Breedlove, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, believed Ukraine might win its war with Russia but stressed the importance of US and Western military aid. Breedlove believes that supporting Ukraine is crucial to its war success and will satisfy Western leaders.

Photo from Defense One

Former NATO Commander Urges Swift Aid: Ukraine’s Fate Hangs in Balance as Congress Debates Funding

Breedlove, a renowned Air Force veteran, said Ukraine’s aid will decide the conflict. Congress is debating a supplemental funding bill as the horrific invasion of Ukraine enters its second year on February 24. The measure for $61.4 billion in Ukraine help has been rejected three times.

Some Republican Party members oppose funding, but others favor Ukraine. Breedlove warned that Russia’s numerical and strategic advantages over Ukraine might lead to victory without a change in strategy.

The General stressed Ukraine’s fighting spirit in battling invaders. He warned that if the West did not increase support, thousands more casualties may occur. Russian forces had low morale, making Ukrainian fortifications stronger.

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Ukraine’s Victory Depends on Continued US Support

Breedlove emphasizes the humanitarian risks of Western backing waning. He warned that abandoning Ukraine would lead to brave but costly resistance, threatening tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives. He worried Russia would dominate Ukraine and turn it into a vassal.

From 2013 to 2016, Phil Breedlove supervised NATO’s allied command operations and was vital during Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine, including the Crimean peninsula annexation. Kyiv still wants Crimea and the eastern areas Russia took during the invasion a decade later.

Breedlove’s views show that Ukraine’s victory depends on US and Western assistance. The prolonged congressional dispute over funding adds uncertainty to Ukraine’s future in the conflict, raising fears about the humanitarian toll if aid is not supplied.

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