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Who killed Ted Shaughnessy? The Shaughnessy Family’s Tragedy

A Jewelry Heist Gone Wrong? The Shaughnessy Family's Tragedy (Photo:American-Statesman)

The shocking murder of an Austin jeweler and the mastermind behind his death

A Jewelry Heist Gone Wrong? The Shaughnessy Family’s Tragedy (Photo:TRAVIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE)

Has anyone heard from Ted and Corey Shaughnessy?

A shooting happened at Ted and Corey Shaughnessy’s Austin, Texas on March 2, 2018. Ted, a 55-year-old man was found bloody beside the kitchen table. Corey Shaughnessy who survived the incident heard a dog bark and gunfire. The investigators suspected a house invasion or robbery, but they found an open window, broken glass, and two shooters with different caliber firearms.

A Race Against Time:

The Search for Answers Corey Shaughnessy, a wife and mother who had lost her husband in a horrific shooting, did not escape the sheriff department’s suspicion. Despite believing she was a suspect, Corey cooperated with investigators and even agreed to a polygraph test. With no definitive leads, the case remained wide open, leaving the Shaughnessy family and community on edge. The pressure to solve the case was immense, and investigators were determined to bring those responsible for Ted’s murder to justice.

A Chilling Insight into the Investigation and Suspects As days passed, investigators collected various pieces of evidence and assessed their options, leading them to call Corey Shaughnessy in for a series of interviews. Before the last one, she brought a lawyer. Detectives sought to leave no stone unturned as they questioned Nick Shaughnessy as well. The investigation into Ted Shaughnessy’s tragic death highlighted the emotional toll it took on the family and the complex nature of solving a crime when the suspects are those closest to the victim. The resilience of the Shaughnessy family and the entire jewelry store community became a testament to their undying love and devotion towards Ted Shaughnessy’s memory.

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The Twists and Turns in the Ted Shaughnessy Murder Investigation

As detectives Paul Salo and James Moore began to delve deeper into the case, they learned that the Shaughnessys owned a jewelry store, and Corey had a suspicion that they’d been targeted due to her profession. The victim’s son, Nick Shaughnessy, and his girlfriend Jackie Edison lived two hours away. Upon learning of the news, they drove to the scene of the crime to offer their support.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Corey spoke at a court hearing for Leon in 2021 and shared the betrayal she felt at the murder. “Not me, my husband, anyone in our family or any of our friends could have ever imagined that Nicolas and Jackie would want to have us murdered,” she said. Smith, Leon and Nicolas Shaughnessy were each sentenced to 35 years in prison, while Edison received 10 years probation, per Fox News.

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