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Tax-Free Shopping! Will you qualify?

TAX-Free in EU

Can you shop TAX-Free in EU?

TAX-Free in EU

If you are a visitor to the EU and are leaving to return home or elsewhere, you may be eligible to buy things without VAT.

Smart buyers realize the EU has exceptional deals on high-quality products. The EU offers a tempting opportunity for visitors to buy for luxury goods without paying additional taxes, whether they’re wine lovers looking for the ideal bottle or fashionistas looking for attractive eyeglasses.

Who is a ‘visitor’?

A “visitor.” lives in a non-EU nation. Your passport address or other proof will be regarded as your permanent or regular residence.

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Could I pay the store’s VAT-free price?

No. The shop’s goods’ VAT will be refunded after you complete all paperwork and present export proof.

Here are some guidelines to avail of VAT-Free shopping according to the Taxation and Customs Union:

  • Ask the shop worker beforehand if they offer this service when you are in the store. Ask the store worker the minimum amount of money you need to spend to get your money back. When you check out, the cashier will ask for proof that you are a guest of the EU. You must show your passport or some other form of ID that shows you live outside the EU.
  • The shop worker will ask you to complete a form with some information. You might be asked to show your ticket to prove you have enough time to leave the EU. The store worker will fill out the form for the store.
    Be sure you know what to do and how to get your money back. In some cases, the store will give you your money back. Sometimes, the store will have a third party handle the returns for them.
    Check to see if the store charges a fee for this service, which will be removed from the amount you’ll get back. If they do, find out what that fee is.
  • You will get a bill for the things. Customs officials in the last EU country you leave must see the bill, the return form, the goods, and any other papers they ask for. The customs officials must stamp the form to show that it was exported. You will get your money back with the stamp.
    Then you have to follow the steps written on your refund paper or told by the shop worker. In bigger airports, you can get your VAT refund right away. In smaller airports, you’ll need to mail the return form to the address given in the shop.

Thus, the EU presents a captivating for a memorable shopping adventure, promising tax-free indulgence in exquisite wine and stylish sunglasses. Embrace the allure of European elegance and revel in the freedom of tax-free shopping, knowing that every purchase is an expression of sophistication and discernment.

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