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Emergency Alert: Avoid A&E as Critical Incident Declared at Two Sussex Hospitals

A critical incident has been reported because of a systems outage at Sussex Hospitals.

People are being told to stay away from A&E because of a system outage that is still going on. (PHOTO: ITVX)

Ongoing IT problems lead to an NHS advisory

According to SKY News, a serious event at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath because they say there’s a big problem with their systems. For this reason, ambulances are going to different hospitals, and people are being told not to go to Accident & Situation (A&E) unless it’s a very dangerous situation. The people in charge of the hospitals say that the main teams are having a tough time. Patients are being sent to other hospitals, like Worthing Hospital and St. Richard’s Hospital in Chichester, which are also helping, but not as much.

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Call 111 for help; this isn’t an emergency.

Fixing the computers is going somewhat well so far, but the issue is still there, and they don’t know what caused it. People who don’t really need emergency help are being told by hospitals to call 111 for help because the phones at those hospitals aren’t working. Because medics are going to different places and a lot of things are changing, the hospitals want everyone to stay up-to-date and pay attention to what the NHS Trust says.

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