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Colorado Funeral Home Scandal: Stacked bodies including Fetuses and maggots were discovered.

Colorado Funeral Home

Investigation Exposes Horrific Conditions and Mismanagement at Return to Nature Funeral Home

Colorado Funeral Home

The Return to Nature Funeral Home

The Return to Nature Funeral Home advertised “green” burials, but the proprietors left heaps of partially covered human remains, body fluids several inches deep on the floor, and flies and maggots around the building, an FBI agent testified during an evidence hearing Thursday.

“It looked like something you’d like to forget but can’t,” FBI agent Andrew Cohen explained.

Prosecutors also disclosed text conversations made between the funeral home’s owners, indicating that they were under increasing financial strain and were concerned about being caught mishandling the dead.

According to FBI agent Andrew Cohen, twenty-three of the bodies died in 2019 and 61 in 2020. The remains comprised adults, infants, and fetuses. He claimed they were kept at room temperature in a dilapidated structure in the little Rocky Mountain hamlet of Penrose. The bodies piled up, and one of the co-owners advised disposing of them by digging a large pit and treating them with lye or setting them on fire.

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Maggots infesting the premises

Maggots infesting the premises added another layer of horror to the already disturbing scene. The presence of these insects raises concerns about the lack of proper hygiene and potential health hazards for those who may have come into contact with the facility. The investigation will likely delve into the conditions that allowed such neglect to persist and whether there were any attempts to cover up these egregious violations.

The story progresses with a clamor for stricter control and monitoring of the funeral business to forestall future tragedies of this kind. Tragically, the families who placed their trust in this funeral home are now dealing with an overwhelming feeling of betrayal. There will undoubtedly be legal consequences as the authorities endeavor to hold those involved accountable. As they seek justice and make changes to ensure future respectful and dignified treatment of the dead, the community must now deal with the fallout of this devastating revelation.

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