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Alaska’s Top 10 Safe Cities 2023

Discover Alaska’s Beauty

Welcome to Alaska, a big, quiet place where nature’s beauty goes on forever. It’s the biggest state in the U.S., but only about 730,000 people call it home and find safe places for a wise and peaceful adventure in the wilderness.

Top 10 Safest Cities in Alaska. (PHOTO: NewHomeSource)

10 Safest Cities in Alaska


Palmer, nestled 42 miles from Anchorage, charms with snowy landscapes for its 7,403 residents. Despite 26 violent and 244 nonviolent crimes, it remains a beloved spot for nature lovers.


Homer, home to 5,797 residents, wows with halibut fishing and the iconic Homer Spit. With 12 violent and 216 nonviolent crimes, it’s scenic but faces safety challenges.


Petersburg, an island gem with 3,262 residents, celebrates its Norwegian heritage amidst nature’s beauty. Recording 10 violent and 77 nonviolent crimes, it’s a vibrant town with a unique charm.


Unalaska, with 4,546 residents, blends a maritime legacy with breathtaking landscapes. Despite 17 violent and 49 nonviolent crimes, it stands as a haven for nature enthusiasts and fishing lovers.


Sitka, with 8,588 residents, reflects diverse cultures and a rich past. With 21 violent and 227 nonviolent crimes, Sitka maintains a low crime rate, inviting immersion in its museums and natural.


Seward, home to 2,850, is a gem on the Kenai Peninsula, surrounded by mountains and water. Despite six violent and 74 nonviolent crimes, it’s a serene haven.


Valdez, with 3,845 residents, witnesses five violent and 68 nonviolent crimes. As a pivotal port, it beckons adventurers with glaciers and trails, showcasing its cultural heritage at the Valdez Museum.


Cordova, with 2,179 people, experiences six violent and 12 nonviolent crimes. Celebrating fishing with the lively Copper River Salmon Jam, it’s a crossroads of traditions and unity.


Wrangell, housing 2,521, boasts the lowest violent crime rate with only 1 incident. Focused on fishing, it’s a tranquil spot with a tight-knit community.


Perched in the northern panhandle with 2,508 residents, Haines records 3 violent and 16 nonviolent crimes. Alaska’s safest; it’s a paradise for outdoor lovers with stunning views and the annual Bald Eagle Festival.

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Safety tips for traveling to Alaska

When you travel in Alaska, remember to stay safe. Wear warm clothes in layers, and bring things like water and snacks. Tell someone where you’re going, especially if it’s a far-off place. Be careful around animals, keep your distance, and don’t leave food out. If you’re driving, be extra careful, especially in winter when the roads might be icy. Check the weather before you go out, and if you’re doing outdoor stuff, bring the right gear. Respect nature, follow the rules, and enjoy your adventure in Alaska, making sure it’s safe and fun!

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