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Taiwan Presidential Candidate Emphasizes Building ‘Solid’ Ties with US Prior to Resuming China Dialogue

Photo from: Agencia EFE

Presidential candidate Ko Wen-je from the Taiwan People’s Party (TTP) has outlined his approach, intending to establish a “solid” relationship with the United States before engaging in talks with China. Ko emphasized the importance of maintaining robust Taiwan-US relations and stated that any communication with China must be underpinned by a non-negotiable commitment to preserving Taiwan’s free and democratic political system.

Photo from: Agencia EFE

Building Strong Taiwan-US Relationship

During a press conference, Ko Wen-je, the TTP presidential candidate, highlighted the priority of maintaining a solid relationship between Taiwan and the United States. He underscored that this foundation would be crucial before considering dialogue with China, outlining a strategic approach emphasizing solid ties with the US.

While expressing a willingness to engage with China when opportunities arise, Ko emphasized the importance of approaching dialogue with Beijing from a non-negotiable standpoint. He stressed that preserving Taiwan’s free and democratic political system would be fundamental to communicating with China.

Ko outlined the necessity for Taiwan to prioritize deterrence and communication as critical policies toward China, emphasizing Taiwan’s capacity to protect itself. He acknowledged the challenges posed by a potential military confrontation with the mainland, stating that Taiwan would not be a match for China in such a scenario. Ko highlighted the need for China to consider the significant consequences and costs of engaging in any conflict.

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Military Confrontation and Deterrence

Expressing concerns about the military balance, Ko stated that in a military confrontation, Taiwan would be at a disadvantage against the mainland. He emphasized the importance of Taiwan’s capacity to defend itself and the need for clear policies prioritizing deterrence and communication in dealing with China.

As the presidential race in Taiwan unfolds, Ko, a former mayor of Taipei, currently stands third in the polls. The election results are anticipated to shape Taiwan’s policy toward China. The incumbent Democratic Progressive Party’s William Lai leads the race, which is expected to influence the island’s approach to its relationship with China, a territory Beijing views as part of its own.

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