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Historic USS Texas Battleship Nears Spectacular Return After Multi-Year Overhaul

Photo from Google

In a thrilling development, the iconic USS Texas battleship, the sole surviving battleship to serve in both World Wars, is on the brink of resurfacing after a comprehensive multi-year and multi-million dollar restoration effort. Set to reenter the water in mid-February, this milestone follows a year-long drydock period in 2023, where crucial repairs and a meticulous restoration process unfolded, marking a pivotal chapter in the vessel’s storied history.

Photo from Google

A Beloved Legend Undergoes $60 Million Restoration

Despite spending 2023 in drydock for essential repairs to its hull, the USS Texas has maintained its status as a beloved tourist attraction. The $60 million restoration, predominantly addressing its rusted hull, has culminated in a fresh paint job mirroring its original wartime coloring.

This careful restoration effort positions the USS Texas as one of only two museum ships adorned in authentic wartime hues, solidifying its historical significance.

Protected against corrosion by a special epoxy coating on its hull, the battleship’s preservation ensures its legacy for future generations. Weekly tours at the Gulf Copper facility have consistently sold out, underscoring the public’s eager anticipation for the USS Texas’ revival and its return to the water.

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Next Chapter: Pier 21 Awaits as USS Texas Prepares for 2025 Debut

Following its imminent refloating, the USS Texas will enter the next phase of its journey, navigating the harbor to find its long-term home at Pier 21. Further restoration work in 2024 will focus on the deck, superstructure, and aft fire control areas, gearing up for a grand reopening to visitors by early 2025.

This momentous occasion heralds a new chapter in the illustrious history of the USS Texas, transforming from a wartime hero to a floating museum. As it nears its comeback, the battleship symbolizes the pinnacle of historical preservation, embodying the enduring legacy of valor and resilience for generations to come. Stay tuned for updates on this remarkable transformation and the USS Texas’ return to the maritime spotlight.

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