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Universal Basic Income: $500 Monthly Payments Will Be Sent to Americans in El Paso County

Universal Basic Income
$500 every month will be sent to Americans in El Paso County. (Photo: Getty)

Eligible Americans in El Paso County will receive an amount of $500 for a year as part of the Universal Basic Income.

Universal Basic Income

$500 every month will be sent to Americans in El Paso County. (Photo: Getty)

$500 Universal Basic Income

The Universal Basic Income has become significant during and after the pandemic when millions lost their jobs and could no longer buy their basic needs. This should not be confused with guaranteed income because UBI gives a bigger amount to the recipients.

In a published article in The U.S. Sun, an amount of $500 will be given every month to eligible 130 to 140 households in El Paso County. This means each household will receive a total amount of $6,000 for the entire year. Around $500,000 is intended for this program.

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County Commissioner David Stout Released a Statement

According to an article published in Yahoo News, County Commissioner David Stout said that they have been working for the Universal Basic Income for over a year. He also touts that this UBI will help the recipients a good return on investment as it will help folks start paying down their debts and even create a more stable savings account.

Furthermore, Stout said, “Some folks have even been able to go from renting houses to buying houses. And so, you know, we want to provide these opportunities for these folks.”

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