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Predicts When You Might Die and Warns About Heart Attack Risks by Analyzing Your Face

New 21.5-inch tablet and camera track facial blood flow, revealing health insights like diabetes risk. Elon Musk issues AI warning.

New Health Gadget Wows CES: Meet the Anura Magic Mirror. (PHOTO: X)

According to Daily Mail medical report, the Anura MagicMirror from NuraLogix is turning heads at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Imagine a big vertical tablet with a camera that checks your health by looking at the blood flow in your face.

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Your Health Secrets Unveiled: What MagicMirror Can Tell You

This cool gadget can find out a lot about your health—things like high blood pressure, signs of fever, mental health risks, and even the chance of having a stroke in the next 10 years. People think it’s great for places like clinics and homes and even in gyms, schools, and pharmacies.

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Keeping Your Privacy Safe: How MagicMirror Works

The MagicMirror uses a smart camera called Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) to check your blood flow. The clever part is that it doesn’t use facial recognition, so your privacy is safe. The company hopes this device will be useful in many places where quick health checks are important, like gyms and clinics.

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