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NASA Funds Space Technology Concepts That Shapes Future Missions to Venus and Mars

NASA Awarded Funding to 13 Space Technology Concepts (Photo:: SciTechDaily)

NASA has funded space technology concepts that could shape future missions beyond Earth.

NASA Awarded Funding to 13 Space Technology Concepts (Photo::

NASA Awarded Funding to 13 Space Technology Concepts

According to SPACE, NASA has awarded funding to 13 space technology concepts that could shape future missions to worlds beyond our planet, such as Venus, Mars, and even beyond our solar system.

NASA funded through its program NIAC (NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts) in which the space agency supports the development of early-stage space technology concepts from America’s young innovators and entrepreneurs.

Moreover, the funding that NASA Awards to innovators and entrepreneurs is worth $175,000 for each phase, according to the statement released by NASA.

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13 Space Technology Concepts that Receive Funding Grants

According to Geek Wire, many of the space technology concepts have been granted funds with their creative idea and fresh approaches in their use of technologies.

The winners in the NIAC program range from autonomous tritium-powered sensors for exploring dark and cold environments of the Lunar and Venus, to an advanced airborne mission on Mars.

Moreover, one of the space technology concepts involves returning a sample from the surface of Venus – the most hostile planetary environment in the solar system with the use of carbon monoxide rocket technology.

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