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Investigating the Influx of Lethal Substances into Vermont’s Correctional Facilities

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Lethal medications in Vermont prisons cause tragedy, according to the investigation. Two of the state’s 11 jail deaths in 2023 were drug overdoses. After a 16-year-old vehicle accident, Jeff Nichols became addicted to opioids and had many legal issues.

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Father’s Guilt: Vermont Inmate’s Tragic Overdose Raises Questions on Prison Drug Access

Nichols was arrested for assault and taken to Northwest State Correctional Facility. Nichols was found lifeless in his cell 27 hours after arriving, despite his father’s warnings. He died from fentanyl and hydroxyzine, an anxiety drug.

Father Tony Nichols feels guilty, believing his action may have prevented the tragedy. He doubts how his son got the narcotics in prison, saying Jeff had no time to plan or hide them owing to the surprise police presence during his arrest.

Vermont Defender General Matt Valerio agrees that some offenders have health or addiction difficulties in prisons. Valerio said prison drug trafficking is rare but happens. Vermont Corrections Commissioner Nick Deml acknowledged the extent of the problem, saying that despite security measures, drugs continue to enter prisons, resulting in eight overdoses last year, two of which were deadly.

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Concerns and Progress: Vermont’s Prison Drug Issues Highlighted in Ongoing Investigation

Deml is concerned about the 60% of Department of Corrections inmates with opioid addiction, reflecting community issues. However, 70% of offenders undergoing medical-assisted therapy remain on the program after release, indicating a good trend in prison drug treatment.

Despite these advances, Tony Nichols, who lost his kid, finds little comfort in them. The inquiry raises questions about how individuals suspected of substance use disorder are treated upon entering prison. Withdrawal symptoms are treated with basic medicine, and detox signs are evaluated every 15 minutes.

State lawmakers are reviewing prison healthcare to enhance it while the Jeff Nichols death investigation proceeds. The study, expected to conclude later this year, will illuminate Vermont’s prison drug infiltration.

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