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Pennsylvania’s Child Care Tax Credit Doubles: Families Set to Benefit

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In a significant move to bolster support for working parents, Pennsylvania proudly announces the doubling of the child care tax credit, offering a substantial financial boost to families statewide. The expansion, increasing the maximum state credit from $630 to an impressive $2,100, is set to alleviate the financial strain on child and dependent care.

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Groundbreaking Relief for Families

Pennsylvania’s families are set to experience a groundbreaking development as the state elevates its child care tax credit. The expansion, a welcomed relief for many, is a testament to the state’s commitment to addressing the financial challenges faced by working parents.

With the maximum state credit now reaching $2,100, a significant leap from the previous $630, working families stand to benefit substantially. This move aims to ease the burden of child and dependent care expenses, reflecting a proactive approach to supporting Pennsylvania’s hardworking families.

The state’s credit will now fully match the federal credit at 100%, a noteworthy improvement from the previous 30% matching rate. This means families with one child can anticipate a substantial $1,050 credit, while those with two or more children are eligible for an impressive $2,100 credit. The enhanced benefits underscore Pennsylvania’s dedication to the well-being of its residents.

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Lieutenant Governor Emphasizes Support for Working-Class Parents

Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis underscores the significance of this expanded tax credit, acknowledging the financial struggles of working-class parents caught in a middle ground. The policy shift aims to provide essential financial assistance to families facing challenges, especially those who may not qualify for certain programs but still grapple with child care expenses.

This transformative policy shift marks a turning point for Pennsylvania, showcasing a collective effort to ensure families receive the support they need. The state’s commitment to easing the financial strain on working parents positions it as a leader, setting an example for other states to prioritize the well-being of hardworking families.

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