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Jeffery Dale Busby Sentenced to Prison for Charges Related to Drugs

Jeffrey Dale Busby Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison Related to Sale of Drugs (Photo: The Law of Justin Rosas)

Jeffery Dale Busby received a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison for the sale of methamphetamine.

Jeffrey Dale Busby Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison Related to Sale of Drugs (Photo: Inland Empire Criminal Defence)

Jeffrey Dale Busby Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison

According to WTOK, a man namely Jeffrey Dale Busby, 55, was sentenced in Quitman to 40 years in prison last Wednesday. He received a maximum sentence related to the sale of methamphetamine.

Jeffrey Dale Busby had been convicted of forgery and prior drug charges in Clarke and Lauderdale counties. Moreover, the reason why he is also serving 40 years in prison is also because Jeffrey Dale Busby was a habitual offender and thus, received a maximum sentence and he is also not eligible for parole or early release.

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Clarke County Sheriff Anthony Chancellor Expressed How Important to Stop Drugs, Following Jeffrey Dale Busby’s Sentencing

The Clarke County Sheriff, Anthony Chancellor, has stated how important it is to stop the sale of drugs and the use of any drugs in Clarke County and shared that crystal meth is a form of poison that has been plaguing the communities in the streets all over America.

He also stated that what happened to Jeffrey Dale Busby with his sentencing should serve as a message that doing drugs will let someone serve in prison for 40 years of his life.

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