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Asheville Police on the Hunt for Suspect Involved in Disturbing Incidents

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The Asheville Police Department has initiated an extensive search for 21-year-old Erving Goldsberry, who is wanted for multiple offenses, including indecent exposure and assault on a female. The charges stem from an alarming incident that occurred in December 2023, prompting authorities to appeal to the public for information leading to Goldsberry’s apprehension.

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Urgent Call for Public Assistance

Described as 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes, Erving Goldsberry’s detailed physical features have been released by the police. Officers urgently request the public’s assistance and implore individuals to come forward with any pertinent information related to Goldsberry’s whereabouts.

The Asheville Police Department has provided a direct contact number, (828) 252-1110, for individuals with relevant details concerning Erving Goldsberry. Anonymous tips are also welcomed through text messages to 847411 or via the TIP2APD app. The community’s collaboration is deemed crucial in facilitating a swift resolution to this ongoing investigation.

The gravity of the allegations against Goldsberry underscores the seriousness of the situation. Residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any sightings or relevant information promptly. The active involvement of the community is seen as instrumental in ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

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Law Enforcement Dedication and Community Involvement

The urgency surrounding the manhunt for Erving Goldsberry reflects the dedication of law enforcement in addressing the charges he faces. The active collaboration between the Asheville Police Department and the community is highlighted as a paramount factor in swiftly resolving this case.

As the search intensifies, the police department’s plea for cooperation from the public remains a priority. This call for assistance emphasizes the crucial role that individuals play in upholding the law and preserving the safety of their surroundings. The successful resolution of the investigation hinges on the active involvement and vigilance of the community.

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