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Unclaimed Jackpot Alert: $1 Million Powerball Prize Lingers at Major Grocery Store – Act Fast before Time Runs Out!

Lottery warning as $1million Powerball bought at major grocery store remains unclaimed – you have weeks left to act (Photo: Google)

Arkansas Powerball players should double-check their tickets after a $1 million victory went unclaimed.

Lottery warning as $1million Powerball bought at major grocery store remains unclaimed – you have weeks left to act (Photo: Google)

Unclaimed Jackpot Alert

State lottery officials stated the winning ticket was obtained at Little Rock Kroger. Five white balls were matched, but the Powerball was missing, hence the prize went unclaimed. The draw winning numbers were 4, 31, 34, 38, and 61, with a Powerball of 13 and a multiplier of two.

Eric Hagler, Arkansas Scholarship Lottery executive director, phoned all Powerball ticket buyers at Kroger on N. Polk to check their tickets. The winner has roughly 170 days to claim the prize as the ticket was bought before the January 6 draw. One in 11.7 million Powerball players matches five numbers. For any prize, winners must overcome the odds of one in 24.87 and the jackpot is one in 292.2 million.

Kentucky lottery officials are scrambling to locate a $1 million ticket winner before January 12. For Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 15, state lottery offices will be closed, increasing urgency.

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Kentucky and Texas Million-Dollar Prizes Unclaimed

If a lottery winner doesn’t claim their prize by the deadline, it falls into the unclaimed pot. A Texas July 2023 $1 million-winning ticket expires January 12.

The Texas Lottery executive director, Gary Grief, celebrated the $1 million winner and underlined the need for timely claims to ensure winners receive their due. The article stresses the excitement and urgency of unclaimed lottery wins and urges players to check their tickets quickly.

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