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NASA Delays Artemis Mission, Astronauts’ Lunar Walk Won’t Happen Until 2026 

NASA delays Artemis mission (Photo: Yellowhammer News)

NASA has updated the timeline for the Artemis mission delaying astronauts’ visit to the moon until 2026.

NASA delays Artemis mission (Photo: NASA Blogs)

NASA Delays Two Artemis Missions

SPACE reports that NASA leadership stated that 2 Artemis missions will be delayed from November 2024 until September 2025. Moreover, the 3 Artemis mission which was originally targeted for late 2025, is rescheduled for September 2026.

NASA stated that safety is their top priority and to give Artemis mission teams more time to work through the challenges and developments of the operations and integration. Thus, NASA has delayed and given more time on Artemis missions 2 and 3, because the mission is to send humans for the first time to the lunar south pole and needs a lot of preparation to protect astronauts as well.

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Delay of Artemis Mission is for Crew’s Safety

According to Indian Express, Jim Free stated that the delay of the Artemis mission was made with the crew’s safety in mind and emphasized it as their number one priority. He also stated that NASA is committed to launching crews and missions as safely as possible and will only launch when everything is ready.

Amit Kshatriya stated that the systems and technologies are still being tested and developed ahead of launching the Artemis mission 2.

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