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Home Depot Rival Shuts Down After 70 Years, Owners Forced Out of Their Home

Cherished Molbak’s Garden + Home in Woodinville, WA, Closing Forever in the New Year After 68 Years of Planting Joy.

Cherished Garden Center Molbak’s Garden + Home Sadly Closes After Nearly 70 Years. (PHOTO: NewsBreak

According to The US Sun finance report, a well-loved garden center, Molbak’s Garden + Home, has shared the heartbreak of closing its doors after many years of serving the community. This small-town store, a friendly rival to Home Depot, has been a favorite spot for folks who love gardening in Woodinville, Washington, for almost 70 years. The news of its closure is leaving both the dedicated employees and the loyal customers feeling quite sad.

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Big Plans Halted: Molbak’s Shuts Down Due to Development Issues

Molbak’s had big plans for the future, hoping to turn their spacious 19-acre property into a lively neighborhood with homes, shops, and entertainment. They sold the land back in 2008 to a company called Green Partners with this vision in mind. Unfortunately, a roadblock in November 2023 led to disagreements with the developer, causing the entire project to fall apart. With no way to make their vision a reality, Molbak’s had to make the tough choice to close down.

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No Choice But to Say Goodbye: Molbak’s Closes Its Doors for Good

The closure is especially tough because it was Molbak’s plan for the future. The unexpected turn of events, with the property development falling through, means they can’t stay in Woodinville as they had hoped. Even though the original founding family supported the decision, it’s heartbreaking for everyone involved. Molbak’s, known for being more than just a store but a place of community joy, will sadly shut its doors on January 28, marking the end of a special era.

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