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Trump’s touted COVID ‘miracle’ drug linked to 17,000 deaths, contradicting medical studies on effectiveness

Americans Are Advised To Get The Updated COVID Booster Shot (Photo: News Week)

Trump-backed COVID drug linked to 17,000 deaths despite scientific objections, reveals new study findings.

Hydroxychloroquine’s Troubles: From Trump’s Support to a Study on Deaths. (PHOTO: Scripps News)

According to Scripps News medical report, when COVID-19 started, some thought hydroxychloroquine could help, even though there wasn’t enough proof. Ex-President Trump supported it, mentioning a study saying it’s a 100% cure. But a new study in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy found nearly 17,000 deaths in six countries linked to the drug, especially in the U.S. The study warns against using drugs without strong evidence in future pandemics.

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Trump Keeps Backing It: Despite Warnings and FDA Changes

Early in 2020, the FDA said hospitals could use hydroxychloroquine during emergencies. But later studies showed it might not work well and could harm the heart. The FDA took back its emergency approval. Trump still talked about the drug, saying it’s got huge support. The new study says deaths happened because of the drug’s toxicity and the wrong promotion, teaching us to be careful about using treatments without good evidence.

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The Big Lesson: Don’t Rely on Risky Treatments in a Health Crisis

The hydroxychloroquine story tells us it’s risky to trust treatments without good proof during a health crisis. The study’s discoveries show we need to be careful when repurposing drugs and only use them when there’s solid evidence. It’s a reminder to make decisions based on good information, especially during a pandemic.

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