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Brad Spakowitz Shares News From Sun, Mars to Planet Earth

Brad Spakowitz reminisces about the groundbreaking space news that happened last year.

Brad Spakowitz Recollects Space News 2023 (Photo: Cronkite News Lab)

Brad Spakowitz Recollects Space News 2023

According to WBAY, Brad Spakowitz recalls the groundbreaking discovery in Space News 2023. He also joked that Space was enormous as it was everywhere.

First, Brad Spakowitz shares NASA’s Solar Orbiter when it was approaching the sun and commented that when on Earth, we see the sun as something glorious and majestic that gives vitality to the planet, but in the findings of NASA, the sun looks kinda menacing.

Aside from that, he also shared about the Curiosity rover that sent back new movies after 12 years on the Red Planet.

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List of Space Stories Brad Spakowitz Recalled

According to the same site, it wasn’t only about the Red Planet and the Sun that Brad Spakowitz spoke of, he also recalled about the following:

  • PERSEVERANCE’s latest exploration
  • The panoramic view inside the Martian canals that inspired the War of the Worlds
  • INGENUITY’s mission and flying again and again in outer space.
  • Lastly,  SpaceX set a world record in space travel that had many astronomers crying.

These are just some of the reports and stories he shared during the discussion about the news concerning outermost space.

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