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Florida Mom Angry: Daughter, Accused of Murder, Gets Pregnant in Jail in a Strange Way

Daisy Link, 28, Facing Murder Charges, Raises Questions Over Pregnancy Inside Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Woman Accused of Murder Says Jailmate’s Strange Gift Led to Baby News. (PHOTO: New York Post

According to New York Post crime report, In a surprising twist at Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Daisy Link, a 28-year-old facing murder charges, left her mom Josie Ramos stunned by sharing news of her three-month pregnancy. Link claims that another inmate passed her a strange glove through an air vent, leading to the unexpected pregnancy. However, Ramos is doubtful about this story. Authorities acknowledge an “unusual method” but haven’t shared more details, launching an active investigation.

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Worries for Inmate: Mom Urges Release for Daughter’s Safety During Unusual Pregnancy

As questions linger about Daisy Link’s pregnancy, concerns grow for her well-being in the correctional facility’s mental health unit. Josie Ramos is pushing for her daughter’s release to ensure proper care during the pregnancy. The Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation emphasizes their commitment to the inmates’ safety and ongoing investigations into the peculiar situation.

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Troubling Past: Murder Charges Tied to June 2022 Incident with Grim Conversation

Daisy Link’s legal troubles trace back to a June 2022 domestic incident where she allegedly shot a man at her Homestead, Florida home. The expectant mother’s unsettling words to the victim, expressing uncertainty about the seriousness of the injury, add a dark layer to the unfolding story. As legal and medical aspects intertwine, the unusual circumstances around Link’s pregnancy raise questions about how the justice system handles such unique situations.

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