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Geoff Brumfiel Discusses Space Findings for Year 2023

It has been a bumpy year for mortals on Earth in 2023. Geoff Brumfiel talks about the success of Space News 2023.

Geoff Brumfiel from NPR Science Talks About Space News 2023 (Photo: National Geographic Society)

Geoff Brumfiel from NPR Science Talks About Space News 2023

According to NPR, Geoff Brumfiel shared that 2023 has been a bumpy year for asteroid research. Japanese researchers even found a building block of life called uracil on an asteroid.

Asteroids have been the focus of the year’s research and findings have sighted that frozen chunks from the earliest days of our solar system. Thus, each discovery tells us about how we humans and Earth got here.

Moreover, Brumfiel stated that the findings wouldn’t made possible if samples weren’t returned to Earth three years ago by a Japanese mission.

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Lunar Findings Discussed by Geoff Brumfiel

According to WVTF, Geoff Brumfie also discusses the lunar research and remarked that the moon has been ignored for the longest time. However, he also stated that Russia and India had launched a robotic mission to the moon, though he noted that there had been bad news about the launch.

Moreover, he also stated the success of India’s lunar mission and the findings that the moon’s south pole is believed to hold water ice.

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