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Defendant Faces New Charges Following Violent Attack on Nevada Judge in Courtroom

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An unforeseen and harrowing incident unfolded within a Nevada courtroom as defendant Deobra Delone Redden launched a violent assault on presiding judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing. The unexpected attack resulted in chaos, leading to severe consequences and sparking concerns about courtroom safety.

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Courtroom Chaos Unleashed

In a startling turn of events, Redden attempted to plead his case to Judge Holthus, hoping to avoid incarceration for his past offenses. However, matters escalated drastically when he leaped over the defense table, instigating a violent altercation with the judge that disrupted the proceedings.

Video footage captured the chaotic scene as Redden physically assaulted Judge Holthus, throwing her against a wall and causing injuries. The aftermath led to the issuance of new charges against Redden, including multiple counts related to the assault on the judge and injuries inflicted on court officials.

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Legal Ramifications and Response

As a consequence of the assault, Redden faced additional charges, including coercion, battery, and extortion. Despite being remanded to jail with bail set at $54,000, his subsequent court appearance was postponed due to his refusal to return, prompting the rescheduling of the hearing.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson advocated for Redden’s detainment without bail, citing his extensive criminal record, marked by violent offenses and prior convictions, presenting an alarming pattern of criminal behavior.

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