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US Doctors Health Resolutions Guide for a Vibrant New Year

Small Steps for a Healthier You in 2024

Health New Year’s Resolutions Resolutions From America’s Physicians To Help You Kick Off The New Year. (PHOTO: Latest News, News Today)

According to News Max report, start the new year with practical tips from the AMA to boost your well-being. Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld suggests making small, positive choices for lasting effects.

 Move More, Eat Better, Stay Protected

Dr. Ehrenfeld emphasizes simple changes like increasing activity, eating healthier, and staying up-to-date on vaccinations. These steps can safeguard you from illnesses like COVID, flu, and RSV.

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 Easy Choices for a Healthier Lifestyle

Focus on manageable changes—more movement, better eating habits, and essential vaccinations. Don’t forget health checkups for cancers, and keep an eye on blood pressure and diabetes risk.

 Balance for Body and Mind

Dr. Ehrenfeld cares about mental health too. Manage stress with enough sleep and seek help if needed. These small, practical steps can contribute to overall well-being.

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Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance

Sign up for health coverage at by January 16. The AMA’s easy tips aim to help you take small, doable steps toward a healthier and happier year.

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