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2023 List Shows 10 South Dakota Cities Where Safety is a Big Concern

South Dakota Map (Photo: Map Of Zip Codes)

South Dakota Reports Many Aggressive Attacks in 2020, A Bit Lower Than the Whole Country, but Still a Worry.

Most Dangerous City in South Dakota That You Should Be Aware [Photo: Gallup News]

Most Dangerous City in South Dakota That You Should Be Aware [Photo: Gallup News]

“Some parts of South Dakota can be dangerous, and the news from Pierre’s Capital Journal and RoadSnacks warns folks about it. They say the flat lands, not many jobs, and low pay can make some places risky. The report checked 29 cities in South Dakota, finding more arson but fewer murders and fights compared to the whole country. Surprisingly, a small city with less than 3,000 people has the most problems. Even though South Dakota isn’t one of the top ten dangerous states, it has some cities that are a bit tricky. The report suggests looking at the list to know which places might be riskier than you’d think.

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10 Dangerous Places in South Dakota

Rapid City

Many tourists visit Rapid City, near the Black Hills. Strangely, it has the highest crime rate in South Dakota, making it the most hazardous. It includes property and physical offenses. Still, many enjoy the city and its surroundings.


Nice Missouri River town, Chamberlain. Its history and Hall of Fame are famous. Its downside is more crime than expected. Despite these issues, Chamberlain remains a peaceful, old town.


The main city in South Dakota is Pierre. Political influence is high in this little city. Unexpectedly, it has a lot of violence and property crime. Pierre retains its little town atmosphere with its ancient residences and river outlook.


Yankton, South Dakota, is an old Missouri River city. It has plenty of property and major criminality. Yankton remains an important state city.

Sioux Falls

The largest city in South Dakota, Sioux Falls, has many residents. It has crime and is the fourth-most hazardous area in the state. Sioux Falls boasts a bustling center, parks, and art scene and is developing fast.


Mitchell attracts visitors with its Corn Palace. But it has more petty and severe crime than other communities. Tourists still visit Mitchell despite these concerns.

Box Elder

Box Elder, on South Dakota’s western border, has an Air Force base. Not surprisingly, property and physical crime are high. It grows due to its proximity to Rapid City and the Air Force Base.


Aberdeen, South Dakota’s third-largest city, has several enterprises. The crime is more severe than I expected. Business is still thriving in Aberdeen.


Spearfish is near a forest and had a gold rush. It has more stealing and burning. Spearfish’s beauty, attractions, and historic center lure visitors.


Huron, in central South Dakota, hosts the State Fair. It has more crimes than expected. The yearly fair and other activities draw visitors to Huron, an agricultural hub.

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