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FDA Suggests Deliberate Lead Contamination in Applesauce Pouches

FDA suspects apple sauce (Photo: WinSight Grocery Business)

A spokeswoman for the FDA said that one of the agency’s ideas about what happened with the WanaBana cinnamon applesauce was “economically motivated adulteration.”


FDA suspects applesauce (Photo: ClickOnDetroit)

FDA Investigates Potential Intentional Lead Contamination in Cinnamon Applesauce Cups

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thinks it’s possible that the lead that was found in the recalled cinnamon applesauce cups was done on purpose, as it may have hurt about 65 children. Since October, the FDA has been looking into the lead poisoning at WanaBana, a food company in Florida. Cinnamon is thought to be the most likely source of the lead.

The government is looking into the idea of “economically motivated adulteration” as a possible reason. WanaBana hasn’t answered questions about what’s going on yet. The FDA is investigating “economically motivated adulteration” or “food fraud” for lead contamination in cinnamon applesauce pouches. This happens when a cheaper substance is introduced without disclosure to boost or bulk out a product.

The addition of lead-based dyes to spices for color is an FDA example. The FDA is investigating this possibility and advises against concluding. As the inquiry continues, the agency will update.

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WanaBana Recalls Products Amid Lead Contamination Concerns; Ecuadorian Factory Inspected by FDA

WanaBana is recalling three of its products: Weis cinnamon apple sauce, Schnucks apple sauce bottles with cinnamon, and WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit juice. The FDA went to the Ecuadorian factory that made the applesauce boxes and inspected them in person.

Ecuadorian officials looked into the cinnamon that Negasmart sent and found that it had lead levels that were higher than what the country allowed. Negasmart could not be reached right away for a comment. Last month, the FDA told parents not to buy the recalled items while the cases of lead contamination were still being looked into.

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