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1 in 5 seniors go against the rules of retirement and find happiness at work, beating out younger workers

Seniors are happier at work than younger workers, and one in five of them still do. (PHOTO: Yahoo Finance)

A Pew Research Center study found that one in five people over 65 are still working, which is three times as many as in the 1980s.

Seniors are happier at work than younger workers, and one in five of them still do. (PHOTO: Yahoo Finance)

According to CBS News report, this study found that one in five Americans over 65 has decided to keep working. This is twice as many people as did so in the 1980s. This huge number has caused the number of old people to grow by a factor of four since the middle of the 1980s. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that over the next ten years, more people over 65 will be working, which means that this trend is likely to continue. This trend not only helps the economy, but it could also help older people save more money and put off retirement, which would be good for their finances. On the other hand, worries about what might happen to traditional benefits and not having enough money saved for retirement keep coming up. Older workers say they are happier with their jobs and less stressed at work than younger workers with the same job. Even though economic issues are taken into account, this is still the case. Things at work are changing to make it easier for older people to do their jobs; the health of older people is getting better; and pension plans have changed, like switching to 401(k) plans. These are all big reasons for this trend. It does, however, make me worry about the current state of the retirement system and the choices that older people would have to make because the system is unstable.

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