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Lab Examines Maine Shooter’s Brain to Assess Potential Army Service-Related Damage

Brain activity analysis, lab examination (Photo: Google)

A medical examiner representative said the additional step was necessary “due to the combined history of military experience and actions.

Brain activity analysis, lab examination (Photo: Google)

Lab Investigates Army Reserves Role in Tragic Event

A Massachusetts lab received a brain sample from Maine shooter Robert Card. The state’s chief medical examiner is investigating whether Card’s Army Reserves brain injury contributed to his unusual behavior before the October 25 Lewiston bowling alley and bar shootings, which killed 18 and injured 13.

This phase involves examining Card’s military background and deeds. After Robert Card’s Maine shooting, a Boston University brain trauma lab received brain tissue samples. The state’s top medical examiner will investigate whether Card’s military service, which included repeated explosions while instructing cadets, caused the disaster.

Card’s suicide was confirmed, but Lindsey Chasteen, the office administrator, believes the testing is necessary to answer concerns. The lab has not received permission from family members to discuss the results.

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Maine Shooter’s Disturbing Behavior Raises Questions About Mental Health Laws

Robert Card was paranoid and delusional before his two-week West Point hospitalization last summer, according to family members. Card was restricted from using firearms because of reservist concerns. Concerns about mass shootings were expressed. New York and Maine have laws enabling firearm confiscation during mental health crises, but they were not applied.

Card ignored Maine deputies’ efforts to check on him weeks before the killings, despite warnings from his fellow reservists.

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