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Colorado’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities

Here are the most dangerous cities in Colorado [Photo: Southwest Journal]
Here are the most dangerous cities in Colorado [Photo: Southwest Journal]

Here are the most dangerous cities in Colorado [Photo: Southwest Journal]

Here are the most dangerous cities in Colorado [Photo: Southwest Journal]

In Colorado, where the mountains and outdoor fun attract more people, there’s a not-so-great news. More folks moved in, reaching 5.8 million in 2022, but it brought a rise in crime. Car thefts shot up by 13.6%, making Colorado number one in the country for that. Also, when it comes to property crimes, we’re second in the nation. So, while the state’s beauty is a big draw, there’s a need to keep an eye on keeping it safe as the population keeps growing.

1. Grand Junction

In Grand Junction, Colorado, crime happens a lot, about every 3 hours and 13 minutes. The city’s safety grade is a D+, meaning it’s not as safe as most places in the U.S. Despite having fewer than 70,000 people, the crime rate is high, with 49 incidents for every 1000 residents. That’s a 1 in 177 chance of violent crime and a worrying 1 in 23 chance of property crime.

2. Aurora

In Aurora, there were lots of crimes in 2020, 2,890 property crimes and 728 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The FBI says Aurora is one of the most dangerous cities in the state, so visitors need to be extra careful. The overall risk is medium, especially for things like mugging and being alone as a woman. But, there’s a higher chance of violent crimes like mugging and assault. To stay safe, it’s good to be alert and stick to well-lit areas when walking. If you’re with someone who knows the town, that’s even better. The safer neighborhoods are in the southwest, and the riskier ones are closer to Denver, especially around Colfax.

3. La Junta

In La Junta, 84.67 incidents for every 1000 people, giving the city a low safety grade. People say the northwest part is safer, but central neighborhoods have a high chance of crime. Violent crime is a bit lower than the U.S. average, but property crime is much higher. To be safe, folks suggest locking car doors, not leaving valuables in the car, and putting a good security system at home.

4. Alamosa

In Alamosa, Colorado, 59 incidents for every 1000 people, which is really high for a city with less than 10,000 folks. It’s more dangerous compared to similar places. The chance of bad things happening, like robbery or assault, is 1 in 127. For property crimes, it’s 1 in 19, and car theft is 1 in 297. To stay safe, people say you should always pay attention to what’s happening around you, avoid places you don’t know, and try to walk with others, especially at night.

5. Pueblo

In Pueblo, 70 incidents for every 1000 people, making it more dangerous than most places in Colorado. Some even say it might be one of the 100 most dangerous cities in the whole country. The chance of something bad happening to your stuff is 1 in 14. Even though there are over 112,000 people in Pueblo, it’s only safer than 1% of cities in the U.S. The south and east sides, especially Bessemer, are said to be not so safe.

6. Glendale

In Glendale is thought to be safer than 0% of American communities, with a crime occurring every two days and two hours on average. With 183.66 property crimes and 20.87 violent crimes per 1000 residents, there is a 1 in 48 risk of experiencing violence, according to the statistics. Locals claim that the southeast is the safest region, with a 1 in 33 likelihood of crime, while the northeast has a riskier 1 in 23 chance. The city must work together immediately to address these troubling data and give resident safety top priority.

7. Sheridan

In Sheridan, things aren’t as safe as we’d like, it got a C grade for crime, higher than most cities. About 30 people out of every 1000 have been involved in some kind of trouble. People say the west side is safer, with less chance of problems. The main issues are theft and stealing cars, so it’s important to lock up your car and keep valuables out of sight. If you can, leave your valuable stuff at home or in your hotel, and try to walk with others.

8. Canon City

In Canon City, Colorado, it has one of the highest crime rates in the country, with a 1 in 21 chance of being a victim. Violent crimes went up by about 19%, and in 2020, it had the highest rate of rape in the state. Most common is property crime. Everyone needs to work together to make Canon City safer for its people.

9. Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, where almost half a million people live, crime has gone up by 17%, and violent crime by 37%. The chance of something bad happening to you is 1 in 26. Some places, like Stratmoor Valley and the Meadows in Southgate, can be less safe, so people say to be careful there. The southwest side, especially W Bijou Street, has more police calls. It’s surprising, but pickpocketing isn’t really a problem,

10. Federal Heights

In little Federal Heights, where about 12,000 people live, it’s unexpectedly considered one of the not safe places in Colorado. There’s a 1 in 16 chance of something bad happening to you, which is higher than in many other towns. Most of the trouble is because of theft, more than half of all the problems. They’re dealing with a lot of property crimes, like break-ins, stealing, car theft, and even arson.

Stay safe with these easy tips.

Tell someone where you’re going and for how long. Leave your valuables at home or in the hotel, especially in touristy places. Always lock your car doors when driving and parking to keep thieves away. Walking with others is safer, as bad guys are less likely to bother a group. Pay attention to any changes around your car and ask for help if you need it. These simple steps help keep you safe wherever you go.

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