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12-Year-Old Boy Sent to Custody for 2 Years After Accidentally Running Over Foster Mom

Inmate was fatally shot after threatening two people in a Miami Store (Photo: AutoEvolution)

Kid says ‘i got my first kill’ to police after accidentally running over foster mom.

<p>Marcia Grant suffered catastrophic injuries after being hit by the car </p>

Marcia Grant suffered catastrophic injuries after being hit by the car (PA)

Something really sad happened in London. A 12-year-old foster child, who was 12 at the time, accidentally ran over his foster mom, Marcia Grant, with her car. Now, he has to stay in a special place for kids for two years. When the police arrested him, he used bad words and threatened a police woman’s family. The boy said something scary like, “Looks like I got my first kill,” but then he said it was an accident. The boy admitted he caused Marcia Grant’s death by driving dangerously. They dropped the murder charge. Marcia Grant was a foster mom since 2016 and was important in the Greenhill community in Sheffield, Northern England.

Gemma Grant, Marcia Grant’s daughter, told the court that her mom was really kind and wanted to hug the world. She was upset that the boy who accidentally ran over her mom got reassurance and warmth from her mom. The boy took Marcia’s keys to visit his family, and when Marcia tried to stop him, he accidentally knocked her over with the car. The boy apologized and ran away. The family is sad and feels that the boy meant to do serious harm. Because he’s young, he’ll stay in a special place for kids and can’t drive for six years. The family thinks their mom won’t get the justice she deserves.

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