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US Objects to Russia’s Misrepresentation of Policy on Bangladesh Polls

Russian Propagandist Warns US To Their Respond Attack [Photo: Wall Street Journal]
Russian Propagandist Warns US To Their Respond Attack [Photo: Wall Street Journal]

Washington said that Moscow was “intentionally mischaracterizing” its foreign policy when it came to the Bangladeshi polls that were coming up.

Russian Propagandist Warns US To Their Respond Attack [Photo: Wall Street Journal]

Russian Propagandist Warns US To Their Respond Attack [Photo: Wall Street Journal]

The US and Russia got into a political spat over claims that the US was “deliberately mischaracterizing” its foreign policy toward the future polls in Bangladesh. The argument started when Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry, said that Peter Haas, the US ambassador to Bangladesh, and a member of the local resistance talked about plans for protests against the government during a meeting. The US State Department denied the claim and reaffirmed its support for a free and fair election in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh was supposed to vote on January 7, but things got worse when Zakharova said that the US representative had promised information support in case the government used force against peaceful protesters. In reaction, the US said it would not take a side and stressed that it supported democratic processes and would not favor any political party in Bangladesh.

The Russian official said that the US was meddling in Bangladesh’s internal issues, but he was sure that the Bangladeshi government would be able to run the elections on its own. Zakharova used past events, like the Maidan protests in Ukraine in 2013, to make a point about what she said was US influence in Bangladesh.

Before the recent vocal fight, there were already problems between the US and Russia. The US State Department criticized Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s statements about keeping the US out of the area. Lavrov said that the US was using the Indo-Pacific policy to further its own goals, which got strong responses from Washington.

The complicated political situation is happening at the same time that Bangladesh and Russia are working together to build nuclear power plants. However, the project is being held up by the COVID-19 pandemic and sanctions linked to the Ukraine war. The latest phone calls add another layer to the changing political situation between the US, Russia, and Bangladesh.

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