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Amazon’s Heatless Hair Buzz: Discover the $16 Viral Solution Now Discounted at $12.79 – Customers Rave About its All-Day Lasting Power

The Tiktok trending Kitsch Heatless Hair Curler, coming in with different colors | Getty Images

A $16 “heatless” hair product is being sold by the online retailer for $12.79, and customers have reported that the product “lasts all day.”

The Kitsch Heatless Hair Curler

The Kitsch Heatless Hair Curler takes great satisfaction in producing curls without putting hair at risk of breakage.

Six flexible rods wrapped in satin are included in a package, which you can arrange throughout your hair.

With a 4-star rating and over 1,000 mostly positive reviews, the product is well-liked.

The hair curler is currently discounted to $12.79 from its usual $15.99 retail price.

Given that Tuesday is rapidly approaching, customers shouldn’t take advantage of the discounted price, which is specifically marked for Cyber Monday.

Whether adding volume to straight or fine hair or setting natural curls, the Kitsch Heatless Hair Curler claims to be suitable for all hair types.

This smart tip makes use of air-drying as a gentle, heatless styling alternative to traditional hair curlers, which use heat and can harm your hair.

The hair curler is currently discounted to $12.79 from its usual $15.99 retail price.

Given that Tuesday is rapidly approaching, customers shouldn’t take advantage of the discounted price, which is specifically marked for Cyber Monday.

More than a thousand female consumers have flocked to the product reviews to offer positive feedback.

“These rollers give me a curling iron look without the heat from a curling iron, and they last all day!” stated a client.

Someone else mentioned that practice makes perfect.

In fact, curling irons can be dangerous if you drop them, as one woman who dropped one did and now has a scar across her face.

Americans have also experimented with a variety of methods, such as using plastic bags, to prevent curling their hair with heat.

The rods are easy to sleep in or wear all day, depending on your preference, thanks to their flexible design.

For customers who care about the environment, the rods are constructed entirely of vegan satin and follow moral and cruelty-free guidelines.

“Once I got the hang of how to roll and close the curlers, the results were amazing!”

Not sure if it was meant for every type of hair, another customer asked.

“I’m sure this product works great for some people, but not for me. My hair texture is too smooth for the rods to stay in.”

They work really well for curly hair, said another.

“They’re comfortable to sleep on (unlike grandma’s rollers), and they stay in place. I love them! I might order another pack eventually since I have a lot of hair.”

In the end, customers acknowledged that mastering the rolls requires effort, but once they did, the majority were pleased with the outcome.

A woman who used Dollar Tree hair rollers has flaunted her curls.

Another was pleasantly surprised by a $3 Shein product that went viral.

A group of beauty chemists and product testing specialists from the Good Housekeeping Institute tested the popular Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set, LILYSILK Silk Curling Headband, and Scrunchie Set on a range of hair types, including thin, thick, short, medium, and long hair. It is what they discovered:

How do these heatless curlers work?

“Manipulating these bonds can reshape hair from its natural state,” says Sabina Wizemann, senior chemist at GH Beauty Lab. Chemical bonds, such as disulfide bonds, hydrogen bonds, and salt bridges, hold together the protein structure of hair. When hair is dried (by air or blow-drying), these hydrogen bonds are reformed, locking in the new hair shape. Water breaks these bonds, causing wet hair to lose its original shape. Put simply, you can alter the shape of your hair while it dries.

But in order to achieve this, hair must be completely dry; otherwise, according to Wizemann, even slightly damp hair will attempt to return to its original form. For this reason, if you’re using heatless styling, you should refrain from removing the rollers until the hair is completely dry. This method works on both wet and dry hair because heat can also break hydrogen bonds, but it is best used for overnight air drying because it eliminates the possibility of heat damage.

How do I use the heatless hair curlers?

Typically, a heatless hair curler kit includes two satin scrunchies and a foam curling rod wrapped in satin. (We also suggest purchasing a claw clip to ensure it stays in place.) Apply the ribbon like a headband to your head, covering it completely with wet or dry hair, and secure it with the clip. Begin by twisting hair sections around the ribbon from the top, gradually adding more, and tie scrunchies at the end to secure the look. After that, curl up with your pillow!

The Verdict

Simple to use: “My hair is naturally wavy and short, so I struggled a bit wrapping my shoulder-length hair completely around the foam headband, but after redoing it a few times, it stayed in place with the included scrunchie and hair clip. Compared to stiff hair rollers I’ve tried in the past, I found these considerably more comfortable and less bothersome to sleep in.”

The outcome: “After eight hours of wearing this silk headband set on dry hair, the results were bouncy curls that mimic the results of my thick 32 mm curling iron.”

The verdict: “I’m always looking for new ways to improve the health of my hair, so I’ll definitely be using this non-heat method again, especially over uncomfortable, stiff hair curlers.”

-Jacqueline Saguin, Associate Product & Reviews Editor

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