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    US Army Struggles to Find Recruits, Reaches Out to Discharged Soldiers Who Refused COVID-19 Vaccine

    US Army Struggles to Find Recruits (Photo: NBC News)

    The US Army struggles to find recruits that it’s sending instructions on how to rejoin soldiers who were kicked out for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

    US Army Struggles to Find Recruits (Photo:

    Army Sent Letters to Discharged Soldiers Amid US Army Struggles to Find Recruits

    According to Task and Purpose, soldiers who were forced out of the Army for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine have received letters with instructions on how to rejoin, amidst the US Army struggles to find recruits.

    The letters that were sent out to the discharged soldiers 1,900, which asked the soldiers how to rejoin the US Army. The news about the letter circulated on social media and was confirmed by the Army that it was indeed authentic.

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    COVID-19 Vaccine Among Soldiers Still Encouraged

    According to Yahoo News, many US soldiers have rescinded the military rules that require service members to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which were put in place from August to November 2021.

    The memo stated that individuals seeking religious, administrative, or medical accommodations may not serve in the armed forces if they refuse to take the vaccine.

    Still, even now, the memo is still in effect as the department continues to promote and encourage soldiers to be vaccinated.

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