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US Makes Deal With Chinese Communist Party to Stop the Supply of Fentanyl in US

US to China: Stop the Supply of Fentanyl to US (Source: 8News Now)

If negotiations are taking place between the United States and China, the Chinese Communist Party has a strong chance of coming out on top for the past several decades.

Reports indicate that President Biden and General Secretary Xi Jinping reached an agreement about China’s crackdown on chemical businesses that create fentanyl and export it elsewhere, particularly to Mexico. (Source: New York Post)

US to CCP: Stop Peddling Fentanyl

China has for a long time taken advantage of America’s avarice, naiveté, and freedom to lie, cheat, and steal its way into being our biggest foreign opponent. This occurred during a time when the United States followed a policy of engagement and appeasement toward China, which was prevalent during practically every president in the last 50 years except Donald Trump’s Operating under the same old failed premise that we must desperately seek to embrace the CCP as a potential partner, rather than outright confront it as the enemy that it is, and that pursuing areas of purported mutual interest will somehow culminate in kumbaya, rather than that Beijing will cynically take advantage of our goodwill to empower itself, the uniquely compromised-on-China Biden administration has attempted to restore the status quo to the greatest extent politically possible.

The United States will remove sanctions against the Institute of Forensic Science in China’s Ministry of Public Security. This institute had been placed on a “blacklist” by the United States Department of Commerce for its role in “human rights violations and abuses” in the region of Xinjiang. The following is yet another interpretation of the business transaction: China claims that it will turn off its chemical warfare killing machine, which is responsible for the deaths of 70,000 Americans each year if the United States will let China’s security and spying apparatus — which is implicated in the horrors of Xi’s slave labor gulags — once again be able to freely access our technologies to continue its repression. China claims that it will turn off its killing machine if the United States agrees to this condition.

Who, in your opinion, do you think will live up to their part of the bargain? What is the Communist Party of China going to make of the knowledge that it can leverage its biological weapons facilities to coerce us into relaxing sanctions? And what are we to make of the idea that the Biden administration is so bent on working with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) despite the CCP’s human rights abuses and its leadership of an axis of anti-American regimes that stretches from Russia to Iran to our backyard in Cuba? According to statements made by Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, progress made in the fight against fentanyl could “open the door to further cooperation on other issues.” The Chinese Communist Party has not done anything to justify such comity, but they have done everything to merit our hostility.

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